How to Set Nest Thermostat to Hold Temperature | Step by Step

Setting up nest thermostat

Faced with the hassle of controlling the temperature at your home? Do you want to keep a track of your energy use/ savings? Looking for some entity to keep your home safe while you are at your workplace or at a getaway?

Well, if you are still searching for answers to all these questions then you have landed on the perfect page. We will provide you with information about the ideal product you need. There are numerous products in the market, out of which we have chosen the Nest thermostat today. We will be discussing Nest Thermostat and how to set the device to hold the temperature. After doing this if thermostat not reaching set temperature, check this solution.

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So, without any delay let’s start our discussion.

If you are thinking about buying a new thermostat, you may want to consider upgrading to a thermostat with smart technology. It will bring a variety of high-tech innovations. Smart thermostats can be programmed and controlled remotely with your smartphone efficiently. Nest Thermostat is one of the best smart thermostats you can install. 

Why should You Invest in a Nest Thermostat?

The Google Nest thermostat learns about you and your home and helps you conserve energy when you are away. It creates a comfortable schedule for you when you are home. It will also help you and guide you towards your energy savings and give you personalized recommendations on how you can save. It can automatically program your schedule and adjust the settings based on your usage patterns and lifestyles. You can control the device with your smartphone or a voice assistant. It can also be incorporated with other devices with smart technology in your home.

Nest Thermostat is an electronic device that improves and enhances the heating and cooling of homes in such a way so as to conserve energy as well as save money. The Nest Thermostat can grasp a person’s schedule and sense the increase and decrease in temperature suitable to the home. It uses its built-in sensors and GPS tracking systems on the phone to be aware if anybody is at home. You will come home to a comfortable and cozy (cool/hot) environment according to your needs.

The device requires you to understand your schedule for the first week. While setting it up, you will be prompted to choose temperatures and time blocks. You have to turn it off before leaving your house or getting back to bed as the device will recognize the timetable and function accordingly. This schedule will help you track down your energy history. Once Nest has gotten used to and analyzes your daily schedule, it will automatically function and program itself as per your plan. 

How to set Nest Thermostat Hold Temperature?

The Google Nest Thermostat can manage temperature control in different ways. It is able to maintain the temperature you set for as long as required. You can ignore the scheduled details or the temperature changes that take place automatically, which becomes a very convenient feature. 

You can hold the temperature in the following two ways:

1. Use the Google Home App: 

It is designed to show what is going on at your home. It can be integrated with Google nest and keep updated on all the activities taking place in your absence. 

Step 1: Download the Google Home app and open it

Step 2: On the home screen, on the top left, tap on ADD DEVICE. 

Step 3: Select the Google Nest Thermostat. 

Step 4: Ensure that the Thermostat is in one of the following modes:  Heat, Cool or Heat-Cool mode. 

Step 5: Tap on Hold Temperature 

Step 6: Select the temperature that you want the device to hold. Note: If the required temperature doesn’t appear, then you can change it by again following steps 4 and 5. 

Step 7: After selecting the temperature, it is required to select the end time. The buffer time is for around 24 hours. 

Step 8: You are almost done. Tap Start and you are good to go!

You can also hold the temperature using Nest Thermostat i.e. the device itself.

2.Use the Thermostat device

Step 1: Switch on the device and tap on the Menu.

Step 2: Out of many options, tap on the Hold option.

Step 3: Select the temperature you want to hold. It may be the current temperature or Eco. 

Step 4: Choose the start time and end time. Scroll and edit. 

Step 5: Tap confirm and it’s done!

Let’s see what you get along with the Nest Thermostat: A quick start guide, a welcome guide, a base plate, few screws for installation purpose and the device. All you need to install the device is a Google Account, Google Home App and a strong and stable Wi-Fi connection. This new thermostat can be configured with your HVAC system. 

Selecting temperatures for each part of the day can help you save energy. Your thermostat is capable of knowing if anybody’s home and automatically adjusts the temperature. 

Why should you install the Nest Thermostat:

  1. Eco-friendly helps to save energy and money.
  2. It can be installed easily, set up, and used effectively.
  3. Control it using Google Assistant, Alexa, or any other smart device.
  4. Get your energy reports.
  5. Sleek and modern design that comes in four colors. 
  6. Lights up automatically when you enter the room to display the room or outside temperature, humidity, or time.
  7. Nest Thermostat enhances and ensures safety. This device integrates with other smart devices like smoke and CO alarms.
  8. Makes your home smarter than before. Integrates perfectly with locks, fans, lights and other smart products. It improves your overall experience and increases comfort. 

Wrapping Up

Selecting a correct and appropriate thermostat will ensure that your home is at the right temperature, not too cool, not too hot. So choosing the apt thermostat is very important. It can help you be comfortable through the years to come and will also help you to save some bills. Technology is constantly evolving in the Thermostat and with each improvement, there is an advancement noticed in the convenience temperature control and energy efficiency of your home’s heating and cooling. 

So finally we have seen all about the device, Google Nest Thermostat. We hope this article has helped clear all your queries and doubts.

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